200 acres of mine reclamation

  • Restore land to usable state‚Äč

  • Flatten slopes

  • Provide drainage

  • Prevent erosion

  • Promote fisheries & wildlife

When the mining is finished the
Pit Floor is very wet and rough

To safely get the slopes workable,
experienced operators leveled the slope
with excavators and bulldozers

The challenge is 20 feet of soil that is
steep, wet and turned upside down

Finished product from
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Changed 20-30 feet bluffs
to a 6:1 slope ratio

33 foot bluffs to 8:1 slope ratio

Fertilizer and seed applied to
reclamation area

Construction of waterway and
grade stabilization structure to
allow water to safely enter creek

Finished reclamation

Tom Gaedtke, N-TEX Owner (left)

Terry Hopkins, N-TEX Gen. Mgr. (right)

N-TEX with

Gary Klose, Property Owner (left)

and son Reed Klose (kneeling)