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N-TEX Sand & Gravel came to life December 1, 2007, with the purchase of Bob Meals Sand and Gravel. Bob started his business in 1963 in Seagoville, TX and moved to the Red River area in 1993. With Mr. Meals’ decision to retire, I purchased the company with a silent partner. As of December 2009, I have become the sole owner of N-TEX Sand & Gravel.

From the start, N-TEX has been blessed with great natural resources and employees. Supported by a strong base of quality products, including concrete sand, pea gravel, clean road rock, pea-mix and mason sand, we have been able to grow our company into a reliable sand and gravel option for the entire North and East Dallas metropolitan area. We have worked to secure a very loyal and steady customer base. This includes companies such as; Redi-Mix Concrete, Southern Star Concrete, Bodin Concrete, Gateway Concrete and Texas Shotcrete along with many smaller contractors. Throughout the current tough economic climate, N-TEX has grown in sales and profit each year. We are confident in, and look forward to, being of service to our customers for many years to come.

– Tom Gaedtke, Owner

Company News

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N-TEX Sand & Gravel Wolf Creek Plant

We are excited to announce that a lease has been signed allowing N-TEX to break ground at a third plant site. The site will be named N-TEX Sand & Gravel River Plant and is located 1 mile East of the current Savoy plant. Estimate opening date July 2016.

Community Support

N-TEX is proud to have supported the Youth Baseball Associations in the Texas communities of Bells, Savoy and Blue Ridge.

N-TEX took part in a cooperative effort in the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

N-TEX participated in the local “New Shoes for School” program the past 4 years, which is sponsored by a local church.